Applicants are required to have strong interests in a variety of issues occurring in tropical Asian regions, also to have basic capacity of natural / social sciences and comprehensive perspective, additionally to have high motivation of solving global issues by environmental sciences approach to lead to sustainable society. Applicants are examined by two screenings, the first one is by each university independently and the second one is by both universities jointly, leading to final decision of candidates.




 Before applying, please check detail information because applicants need to check the application requirements.


Prospective Candidates: Graduate and undergraduate students,
                                    University of Tsukuba

        Application Period: By, 16:00 at February 1

                     Schedule: February 21 to March 1
           Note: Depending on the flight ticket, the departure and arrival date may be changed.

               Location Visit: Malaysia-Japan International Institute of Technology, Kuala Lumpur,        

      Financial Support: Round-trip Airfare and Accommodation in Malaysia
             *Note; Food and other transportation fares are at your own costs
      Application Form: (MSword)   (PDF)

                                pdf file is for check the form.

                                Please, submit PDF file to Assoc. Prof. Shimizu

                                           shimizu.kazuya.fn(at) ((at) need to change @)


                       Program Office Natural Science Building B201

                       Program Coordinator Assoc. Prof. Kazuya Shimizu

                                           shimizu.kazuya.fn(at) ((at) need to change @)




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